Our Wedding Date: December 7, 2015

How it All Began

                 How it all Began..


Our love is like a fine bottle of wine.. it has matured and aged gracefully as the years have grown, but has never lost that zing and tingle that the first sip always promises.

It has been nine years to this day, from when we first met. He was the college senior, I, the newbie junior, and we met for the age old ritual of 'ragging', where in the senior teases the junior in a friendly albiet strict, cordial fashion, mainly designed to break the ice.

However, we ended up chatting, like people who were meant to chat, fall in love and spend their whole lives together like most sappy lovey dovey tales. It was a 'crush-at-first-sight' situation.

Well, as they say, the rest is mostly history. After months of shy conversations, hanging out, wondering whether the other person felt similiar 'butterfly-in-my-stomach-when-I-see-you' feelings, he finally asked me out. I said yes. And one day we suddenly found ourselves making this website. And wondering where  the hell all the time flew off too?! Over the cuckoo's nest maybe!

It has been one heck of a journey, and yet, the journey is just starting!!

Come and share our joyful day of celebrations with us, and walk with us on this journey of love, friendship, growing up and finding each other!

Welcome to our Wedding!